W2daWT’s insights about Spiritual Hunger

​I have a new discovery/theory/hypothesis that I want you to try out as I have been testing it out myself and have been getting good results so far. 
No really, I DO wonder if this will be helpful to you. 
Ya see, recently I made a discovery that had sort of shifted my own self righteous beliefs about spirits and working with them. You see, I have always been kind and poetically generous. I’ve made them paintings before and written them hymns.. But what about food? Do spirits get hungry? Just recently I’ve found out they very much do, at least the ones I work with. (Note that these spirits I’m referring to are ancient gods and angels, not human spirits. I’m saying spirits as an umbrella term for the variety.) 
These past two years or so, I had been exercising and trying to eat right but gained weight. I had an insatiable hunger I could not explain. Like for some reason, I felt as if though it would be a type of spiritual hunger but could not find any information about it. And then just recently I had a longing to be nurtured, and with some time, realized it may have been what my patron was feeling. 

I had noticed a difference in my behavior too since I started working with this one more, I wanted to be served like a queen, never realizing he wanted to be served in the same way. That maybe some of our wants, needs, and desires are them trying to nudge at us that they are helping us but also in need. And you know, spirits LOVE junk food. 

Which really changes my perspective on humans, food, and spirits altogether. So anytime I craved something I normally wouldn’t want, I’d ask him and offer it. The craving would instantly vanish as soon as I set it on the altar. I can now eat healthy with ease without those nasty thought projections. Sometimes it may not be your own brain showing you what it wants, but your spirit. 
Cigarettes too. Physically I can’t stand cigarettes yet some how there is an appeal. I will have to try that one out, but so far, I know the food works well.

Btw I’ve slimmed down since then. 

I would always try to eat healthy and they’d stop me and I didn’t know why.

So yeah, you occultists that crave crap, now you know why. 

Try it out.