How to Build a Relationship with Goetia 

I have been working on and off with Goetia for about four years now. Yet what I know about them barely even scratches the surface. They are truly great teachers and allies to have, even if they a apathetic about you. I have a few who don’t like me, many who don’t care and very few who favor me. And even those who bring me great things and make no messes are silent. 

So how do you form or build a relationship other than giving sacrifices and offerings? The best place to start is with patience. I have finally found one that is more easy to connect to. He likes me and I like him genuinely. I like making him art and he likes helping me with my business, without even asking. So how do you go about strengthening a very thin bond with an invisible creature?

I asked him myself. All he wanted was for me to have imagery of him, which is very easy. He is an owl headed form. I buy owl things and people are led to buy me owl things. I fantasize about things that I want and friends and family gift them to me.

I honor through imagery and everything else seems to fall into place. 


Nobody gives a shit about Goetia

What attracts you to Goetia? Is it the edginess of working with Goetia? Is it the attraction to that which is taboo? Are you wanting your life to be tossed and stirred? 

I have no real experience, just the intent in one. I really find no difference to any other “supernatural force”. Just they just imaginary. Aspects of yourself projected on an invisible form you pretend to speak with, but what you receive back are the whispers of your unconscious mind.

There is no point in remaining with a religious and dogmatic view on the supernatural. It really is all just programming your brain. The real magick is in that which your brain can allow you to achieve. 

Mars Energy Ritual – How To Curse The Sh*t out of somebody 

Sorry I have been away, to my two followers! Ha! 

I have been away refining my other projects.

I come to you to day with a banishing, cursing, destruction ritual for both punishing your enemies and getting your wrath and anger out. Now, I can be a sweet young lady but when I see an injustice, there is a great warrior in me that always wants to dish out a serving of justice, but instead of cold, I like it hot. I like it to burn.

Now the following herbs, you do not have to have them ALL but at least one, and some vinegar, pen, paper, a thick book, incense, and a hammer.


  • Coffee
  • Thyme 
  • Tobacco 
  • Black Pepper (most important)
  • Cayenne pepper 
  • Chili powder
  • Vinegar 
  • Plastic bag
  • Thick book
  • Dragon’s Blood Incense
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Hammer
  • Click Timer
  • Plastic bag or small jar


Drink coffee or a tea of thyme. Smoke a cigarette or collect tobacco. 

Get your hammer, and pass it through the incense smoke, preferable Dragon’s Blood. To concecrate it.

Draw out a poppet, like a ginger bread man shape but sort of in the likeness of your enemy. You can cut it out but don’t have to. Write your enemy’s name or other information to connect you to them. Or if you would like, a photo, or tape some of their hair to it. 

Crack some black pepper on their photo. And set the timer an hour. Or however long you think you’ll be alone undisturbed. Tape the poppet to the book you don’t mind damaging, so it doesn’t slip off.

And with the hammer, in midst of your chants, and curses at your enemy, just beat the shit out of the poppet with the hammer. Beat the shit out of it with all your rage, summon your inner warrior and visualize justice being served to your enemies. Beat the shit out of that poppet until you can no more.

When you are out of rage or feel it’s ready, untape your enemy, and fold them in half upwards away from you. Then beat the shit out of them. Turn them counterclockwise to fold them again, and beat the shit out of them. Keep folding and turning until their are a unfoldable ball of paper. Say your prayers and put to side.

Grab your jar or bag. Put your herbs and vinegar in there along with the poppet. Seal, say your prayers, banish, and thank the spirits.

Put it somewhere no one will disturb it.

(Also, I add tobacco and coffee to herbal mixture since ruled by Mars.)

Now let it go.