Andras Goetia Invocation, Incense, & Info

An invocation/poem channeled and written by me: 

I have been working with Andras for months, and Goetia for years. I’ve had a rough type of infernal, but more like Saturnian initiation about four/five years ago. So maybe that’s why he may favor me. For those who do not know, he is a demon from the lesser key who does discord and is known to kill the magician and his fellows. 

But remember, in all spirituality, though some things written in Spiritual text can be literal physical manifestations, a lot is metaphor for an internal Spiritual alchemy to occur.  

Now I’m not saying that he can not literally kill an enemy, any spirit of power can accomplish that. But I feel he is worth so much more than that, and as he has told me. He can do much more than that.  

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