Enter MoonMarquis! My Occult Shop on Etsy! 25% off Coupon Code

Hello my two or three followers. In case you were wondering where I’ve been, perhaps you may not remember following me at all, but I’ve been having fun working on my Etsy shop and traveling. 

Well, I am about to go on a one week vacation again. Here is a 25% coupon valid from now through the weekend. I HIGHLY recommend Artemis and Andras. Andras Incense smells amazing and Artemis oil is amazing too.

I burned one of each at the ritual chamber last night for an evocation. What a heavenly smell. 

Andras: Patchouli, Dragon’s Blood, Sandalwood 

Artemis: Myrrh, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine, Pine

If there are any requests, please let me know before Sunday, as that is when I will set it to vacation mode. 

Love & Peace ~MoonMarquis

Shop Marquis

25% off Coupon Available only until Monday, January 23! I’ll be going on a one week vacation starting Tuesday. So I’m leaving you this treat!

Coupon: HAVEFUN25
Going into vacation mode Sunday night.
The minimum purchase is only $3

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