Planetary Magick And Its Importance

Welcome to my blog!

I only have an hour to meet this post’s deadline as I will be posting every Sunday and Thursday at 7 a.m from now on and I totally forgot to write today’s as I was busy writing future ones! Nice.

Anyways, today’s mini lesson is on planetary magick. When it comes to my atheistic or nihilistic magick, I like to work with planetary influences as there is no real need to conjure up any deities. It’s my way of doing magick with an incorporeal middle man. I mean, unless you count a sphere of influence as a middle man.

Planetary magick is pretty easy, all you need are a couple of table of correspondences, and to try to memorize what the different planetarian​ spheres rule over. Here is an example that skims the surface of what each planetary means to me:

The Sun: Sunday, Fire, Light, Illumination, The Lion, Success, Inspiration, Healing, Love, Protection, Enlightenment
The Moon: Monday, Water, Darkness, Reflection, The Wren, Intuition, Cycles, Womanhood, Divination, Menstruation, Fertility, The Shadow
Mars: Tuesday, Fire, Warrior Archetype, Creativity, Victory over enemies, Iron, Blood, Masculinity, Motivation, Protection
Mercury: Wednesday, Hermes, Air, Travel, Merchant, Gemini, Magician, Intellect, New beginnings, Luck
Jupiter: Thursday, Travel, Thor, Charity, Expansion, Wealth, Higher Knowledge, Philosophy, Humanitarianism, Justice, Law
Venus: Friday, Love, Luck, Poetry, Lucifer, Music, Joy, Bliss, Having Fun, Romance, Sex
Saturn: Saturday, Chronus, Satan, Dark Justice, Karma, Ancestral Magick, Responsibility, Inner Strength, Death & Rebirth, Protection, Curses

I think that all these influences are capable of illumination and teaching enlightenment in some way.
To enlighten someone in the laws of karma, or the benefits of charity, or law. A good way in working with these forces directly aside from study is the use of herbs and resins.

Sun: Cinnamon, Frankincense
Moon: Myrrh, Gardenia
Mars: Allspice, Cayenne, Coffee
Mercury: dill, carraway?
Jupiter: Clove
Venus: Rose
Saturn: Cypress

Of course if you are interested in the other planets, you can research them yourself. But these are the basic that I work with. My personal demonic ally correspondences:

Sun: Beelzebub, Paimon
Moon: Andras
Mars: Andras
Mercury: Thoth
Jupiter: ? (None so far)
Venus: Lucifer, Asmoday
Saturn: Azazel, Satan (Dark Source)

Also, I consider Dark Source to be both male and female. Who says Satan can’t also be a woman?
And I choose Asmoday for Venus because he can have a hand in romance, not just lust. Though he is very dangerous. But that is a blog post for another day!

I hope this mild bit of information has inspired you. Take care! – Moon Marquis

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