Moon Marquis – New Way of Posting – Announcement

Hello to my two followers and my future 20 followers,

Today’s announcement is going to be about my new way of doing things on Moon Marquis.

Before and when I first started this blog, I did so very half assed and lazy. Well now is time for a big change!

A little background on me and why I’m going to make changes in the now & future:
I was always that very nerdy person people would ask for help but I could never really count on myself. I never dared challenging myself. For when I did, I did get praise, but for what? I never cared for popularity or acknowledgement. I have always been my own source of divine intelligence, entertainment, and inspiration. Me share my gifts for glee of others? No way.

I’d usually rather stick to very dry humor and painfully vague references. But here I am, going to put my whole ass into this blog and do my best. From now on, there shall be a post every Sunday and every Thursday. My announcements are on Tuesdays, but they won’t be every week. On Sundays will be teaching posts, as Sunday is ruled by the Sun and the Sun rules over illumination. On Thursdays will be pretty much anything personally mystical or rants of showing off my products and what not. But there will most likely be lessons in Thursdays here and there as well. Though I may start as crawl with simplicity in subject matter with my writing, I’m sure the secret knowledge I have will flow out into the right spots.

I also plan on having posts at least 300 words. That is if they are not announcements or advertisements for Moon Marquis products. Also, please forgive some of my mistakes in wording and placement, I have not put all my efforts into something in a long time but will for sure get better with some time, dedication, and practice.

Currently I already have some future blog posts in the works that are set to be released at the Days I’ve stated above for the next four weeks. So I will be working hard to keep a steady flow of content going.

I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors. With Love – Moon Marquis

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