Sigil Magick

Hey Guys! Welcome to another mystical installment to my blog on Moon Marquis!

This topic seems to be everywhere and very basic if you are an occultist or seeker whether novice, dabbler, or all around magick junkie. Every one and their second cousin has a blog post or video about sigil magick.

So am I going to be using this blog space to rehash any of that information? Hell to the no! There hasn’t been one person that could say anything to make me even really understand what sigil magick was and how to use it. So to the best of my ability, I will be explaining via my own interpretation.

What is a sigil? A sigil is a ridiculous squiggly line your create in order to manifest or serve a purpose that you stare at until it leaves an imprint in your subconscious. Different people have different ways of doing this and even to this day, I am sometimes still half skeptical. But that is the thing about magick, really. It is so hard because it’s so easy. Really, the ideal magus is just a human who does not abide accordingly to the restrictions of his or her own psyche or imagination. While I would love to provide a pictured example of one of my squiggly lines I like to state longingly into, I for some reason can’t seem to find any and am too airy to really look and pay attention right now as it is 7 am and I am perked and manic with coffee. If you wanna go see cool squiggly lines, just google “sigils tumblr.”

A good example of use of sigils is demonic seals. Google “demonic seals.” Some are pretty, some are ugly, and I swear some of them looks like a raunchy adult toy and another looks like a set of furry testicles. I will definitely have a blog on that later. (Please remind me.) And no, the raunchy ones aren’t in the goetia, but another grimoire, though I can’t remember which but I vaguely remember one of the names so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

A thing about sigil magick that gets me is that it is literal mental masturbation. Having to get in a trance or heightened state, petting your brain pussy just right in order to penetrate your fucking subconscious. I think most people over simplify sigil magick and there needs to be some sort of structured ceremony to make the process a bit more smoother. Remind me to create such a ritual. In the name of Satan, I command you!

But could you imagine the creation of such a ritual, and using it as an easy already curated experiment every moon cycle or so? I’d sure like to see other’s results. Since I usually get fast results, I’d do it every two weeks.

Well, my friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s mental scribbles.

Jesus Cuts Cocaine With Birth Control! – Moon Marquis


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