My Feelings On Demons & Demonolatry

Greeting weary web surfers!

Welcome to another installment of Moon Marquis’s blog posts. Hail Satan and all.

This installment as the title suggests will be on my own feelings and views of demonolatry. Hail Satan!
Now, I REALLY need to get me a few books on the history of demonolatry because I’m not best educated in the subject other that my own personal experiences. And by the way, me being into Satanism and Demonolatry is a total coincidence. Did I mention I like black metal?

Anyways. I would have never thought that I would be into demonolatry, not that I was ever afraid. I guess I just wasn’t ready to study it. What fascinated me was not the amazing results people supposedly got from working with them. I believe the power comes from the practitioner via knowledge and experience. But it was the ugliness and the relationship aspect that attracted me. The fact that some people really got to know their demons.

Even though I have been “working” with demons for almost four years, my experiences were honestly not that significant. I don’t know if it’s because I’m desensitized to mystical things happening and manifesting or because of my almost nihilistic approach to magick of the last few years. But I seem to either be too busy or too bored.

But I’m not bashing on working with demons at all. With hindsight, I have seen a LOT of enemies, people who have fuck with me just fall. And I didn’t even curse them! But at the same time I have done wrong and payed for it big time. (I think that is because of my frequent work in the sphere of Saturn though.)

The cool things I’ve “coincidentaly” learned are herbology, recipes for oils, incense, business success and other ideas. I’ve been inspired, warned of up and coming danger via intuition and visions, and have witnessed my enemies detroyed. Pretty interesting and dynamic list. Also I just opened my Shop in November as as of now in February 5th that I am writing this. (As I schedule my blog posts) I currently have (8) 5 star ratings. (8) 5 star ratings in just three months! Not to mention that my shop goes on vacation every month as I travel so I could probably have even more. That is 40 stars! Is it just luck? Are my listing that great?

An important bit of advice in working with demons, is have:

Respect for the demon
Discernment via rationality and divination
Offerings for said demon
Confidence in your abilities
Direction, have somewhere the energy must go like a goal
Game Plan, you are the architect of manifesting your own desires
No fear, seriously. Just don’t work with anyone too hairy like Asmoday or Andras

The most important being that YOU ARE THE ARCHITECT. Unless you just want to make contact and ask advice, don’t think for a second any force can just know what you want. You have to know you own purpose, have a game plan and state it. But that is just my opinion. I once read in a grimoire “It is not the answer to the question, but how you put the question,” roughly I remember. I can’t remember from where but it is a gem and rings true.

A totally cool demon is Malphus, as he reveals the thoughts of enemies. Boy do I have a story for that one!
At another time!

Stinky feet, wash your sheets. And again may we merry meet! – Moon Marquis


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