Baron of the Saturday – A New Deity Encounter

Hey guys, welcome to another installment.

If I did not say so before, I now Post on Sundays as well as Thursdays, with Sunday posts having the aim of illumination and enlightenment. A good opportunity to learn something new.

Now today, I am going to be talking about a spirit or Loa or Lwa from Haitian Voudon (I hope I spelled it right.) A deity of death, laughs, sex, debauchery, and mourning. The great Baron Samedi. (Baron of Saturday.)

Above is a felt doll of Baron by My Little Baphomet on Etsy. I am making one of my own.

Or in one of his other aspects that stick out to me, Baron La Croix or, Baron of The Cross. You may have seen him singing at that party in Hocus Pocus. Yeah, that guy.

Well anyways, this was one of those cases where the deity calls me, and I did not call it. I had his name play in my head on and on without even realizing it! I thought it was just my subconscious brain poop. And even watching Jojo’s bizarre adventure, there was something odd and familiar about the character Baron Zeppeli’s name. Also, Baron Zeppeli’s character wears a top hat, just like Baron Samedi. You can find a lot of basic information on this Loa, so I am not going to regurgitate it on here, but speak from my own experience lately.

(Below is Baron Zeppili from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

But before I go on further, I have to point this out cause it’s really itching me and bothering me. I have a sister in law that LOVES sugar skulls stuff. Not related to Voudon but in planetary spheres of influence, sugar skulls and Dia de los muertos is a Saturnian festival. 

Being that Saturn rules over honoring and working with the ancestors. Now she’s a christian, but we were watching Hocus Pocus and she says she has always liked/felt drawn to that character dressed someone like The Baron, even though he was missing some rum and tobacco. (It is a kid’s movie.) And the connection sounds innocent enough. But another thing is, her last name is Cruz, like The Cross and La Croix. As in Baron LA Croix. 

Which seems more like a coincidence, huh? There are a lot of hispanic people with that name whom probably like sugar skulls, sure. But here is where it gets interesting. Baron’s Samedi’s dance is a sexual and sensual dance which involves putting a cane in front of himself as if it’s a penis and simulating intercourse. (Freaking awesome, I used to do that with pencils and rolled up spirals at school and do that same thing.)

 And do you know what this dance is called? The Banda. Do you know my sister in law’s middle name? Freaking Banda! Who the heck names their kid Banda? What the heck kind of middle name is that? How is that even a coincidence!?

 Lol. It would be funny if Baron was coming to me to help push her into that path. Also under Baron’s perverted influence, I did make an internal joke about her being circumsized. Maybe that joke means something.

By the way, Baron is also known to love dirty jokes. But really, who names their kid Banda!? Anyways, dirty jokes and lechery aside, I find this spirit very calming and comforting. I find that when I hear others speak on certain matters, he tells me what is wrong with their argument or if they are lying, and influences me to take tabs on such lying, cheating, and bullshit. 

I now feel a pull to talk about this for his sake and he doesn’t seem to want me to hold back. There is this guy who calls himself a Haitian Bokor, which a Bokor is supposed to be a left hand path magician of Voudon. And I like his fieryness naturally and his “passion” though he is a bit of a racist, I always liked him. 

But I was watching his videos on Baron Samedi and Baron La Croix as I was obsessed with this spirit and wanted to find all the resources I could. And as I was watching, Baron was pretty much calling out several things wrong with what he was saying, all that for some reason I can’t remember as I did not dwell on it. 

Pretty much saying that the reason why this individual was acting like Baron Samedi and La Croix were so aggressive and could only be worked with by the bokor, was so that he could be payed by those who are inexperienced to work with these beings on their behalf themselves. Which sounds like business to me, but Baron say the word “scam” and “scammer” which is pretty funny. 

Also Baron made clear that though I am not initiated and STILL must respect the tradition, I am still allowed to work with/ be influenced by Baron because I have gone through a lot of loss in my life so being that I am a mourner, I am in his domain. And no one fucks with his domain. And for sure not a man whom though he acts big and knows mysteries, is still mortal and can be taken from that flesh husk by Baron’s will at anytime.

 Baron is also pointing out that my race matters not, as I am still his and will be his regardless of race/bloodline/heritage/complexion. By the way, that Bokor hates white people and being that I have Spanish blood, I am technically white with mexican indian and native american. That makes me wonder why this bokor finds Baron to be so aggressive, maybe he was told the exact same thing or something similar? About the Baron being able to take him at anytime is what I mean. 

I notice that I can also get angry but can control it better than usual. I find Baron’s influence makes me more susceptible to be more understanding and compassionate of other people’s flaws while at the same time taking tabs on such truths and discernments.

On the positive side, Baron’s influence definitely makes me very jovial and happy. I read a blog post about him that said he teaches that life is too short to be unhappy, and I could not think of a better influence for me. Which is true, I do find myself inspired to both sacrifice what I must to create a happier life and laughing loudly at the most silly things. And also comes the part of him having sympathy for the dead, I find him having sympathy for my own “deaths.” Which not only means physical death but loss and also transition. I find him not only wise, as he has all the knowledge of those who passed, but also comforting.

I could go on and on about this Loa, but I will update you later.

Thanks for reading!



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