What I use in Evocation to aid communication with spirits for under $5

Hello, folks! 

I’ve come to share one of my simple tricks to aiding in spiritual communication during evocation or work with any spirits. In some grimoires, sometimes you are instructed to use Frankincense incense. And by that I mean the use of Frankincense resin as incense. 

Resin incense is usually burned in evocation with the intention of having the spirit “manifest” in the smoke, right? But why Frankincense? 

Well Frankincense like myrrh and copal are not only fragrant but aid in Spirituality in general. But in our modern world, do we have time to sit in front of Frankincense smoke all day? No. I wish.

In working with spirits daily or periodically I have learned that anointing myself with frankincense resin oil I’ve made can allow me to “hear” or “see”. I anoint both my third eye and crown with it and I find that I can perceive more what spirit is trying to communicate with me. 

And this sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory to me, but I think Frankincense is burned to PERCEIVE a spirit, not see a literal manifestation because it’s FRANKINCENSE not smoke. Smoke has almost nothing to do with it, but the application of Frankincense.

To get pure and all natural Frankincense resin oil, shop here.

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