Awesome customers win my heart! + Dragon’s Blood Oil Giveaway 

Oh awesome customers! How I adore awesome customers! Was this a former customer whom has a different screen name? A follower of my blog? Or a fellow Andras enthusiast? I know not! 

I just wanna say that after having a customer trying to scam me, this is so refreshing and makes me feel appreciated. And no, that other customer did not win a case. I had too much proof against their false claims. Thank you screenshots! Phew. 

Anywho, I am rolling in such gratitude that I am offering a free Dragon’s Blood oil for purchases at least $25 not including shipping. But if you would just like the Dragon’s Blood by itself, it is just $2.50 plus shipping. Pure and home brewed! Why it is so adorable? I literally have a local high priestess friend with a shop whom gives me great deals! I hope someone gives me a great review soon!!! Get Dragon’s Blood Oil Here

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