One of the best money making magical tools you should have in your arsenal!!! On Sale Soon! 

Hey guys, it’s MoonMarquis and recently I got a sale of $25+ maybe last night or this morning. Now while I promised a vile of Dragon’s Blood, I decided to give something better… Ancestor Money! 

I was drawn to and decided to give this as a gift with instructions since it’s associated with ancestors and he bought a Baron Samedi Bracelet. 

Though it is just simply printed paper, the energy it gives to your deities is priceless! It brings money much faster than a spell or money drawing incense, herbs, and oils. I’m talking same and next day! Don’t worry, it will only be $1-$5 depending on quantity. And I will offer a 99¢ pdf so you can print it out yourself with the money stacked next to each note so you can print and cut out many to a page. I once purchased hel money which denomination was only $100 but these $10,000 denomination notes are far more powerful. 

It is debated whether or not an ancestral spirit or deity needs money in the after life or not. So I asked a spirit what he thought about it and he said that he likes the energy because it’s very unique and something new. It’s outside of the ordinary of food or blood or incense. It’s fresher and exotic. 

And the spirit that let me in on that is our very own Moon Marquis. The beautiful deity Andras. 

I don’t care what you read about him. He is definitely a deity of wealth. The only things he kills are over inflation of ego, sloppy ritual work, and poverty. Mostly poverty and teaching magick in my case. That’s why my shop is named after him! Whenever I ask him for baneful magick, he did teach me an incantation but I guess he has other plans with me. He says “Hey! I could do a lot more than that!” in regards to death and discord. In fact he tells me a lot of “demons” can do so much more than what’s written about them. Hail Andras! Seems like he wants some attention today. I noticed that if I burn money for a deity, an item dedicated to them sells the next day. In this week, it happened with Andras and Baron Samedi. Saturday was Andras, today was Baron. But I’m sure Andras wants an extra shout out cause I’m wearing a shirt of him and owl leggings. Lol! Shout out to my Andy! 

Anyways, to use ancestor money you can write the name of a spirit or petition in pencil in front or back of money. You can even draw sigil and anoint with oils or your blood. 

And Andras only likes a drop of blood to show you’re serious in your petition to him. 

Burn ancestor money in ceramic dish. 

Until next time! 


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