New Awesome Mystic Roll On Perfumes/Anointing Oils! Apollo, Artemis, Dragons Blood & Ancestor Money 

Hey guys, MoonMarquis here. And I’ve got some brand new adorable Mystic products! Prices $1-$10 each! 

These are all 100% Natural roll on Anointing Oils $3-$10 each. Typically $3-$6 with consecration or blessings. You get a chance to choose the enchantment in the variations named “blessings” and to add consecration is typically under $10 or you can go the cheap way and bless it yourself. 

So I’m going to talk about each product in detail. First is Artemis, as I did in a blog before. 

Doesn’t that look yummy? Artemis is made from the essential oils of Lunar Ruling, it is the feminine counterpart and planetary corresponding counterpart to Apollo. With a Lunar Resin base, just as Apollo is a solar Resin base. It has flowery elements like honeysuckle and jasmine but it not totally girly, like Artemis. I added some pine and honey to represent her protective qualities, sweetness, and fire! Because of its myrrh base, it can be used to develop one’s spirituality but also draw love, money, and protection. It is properly diluted so as not to burn skin. Rich in vitamin E, it can also be healing to skin. Do not leave out in sunlight! The planetary correspondences are mostly Lunar with some Mars to represent her wrath. Always shake before use! Get it here

Next is Dragons Blood 

Yes, that is MY product. Doesn’t that look absolutely beautiful!?! It’s amazing!! No Dyes, no colorants. %100 PURE ALL NATURAL Dragons Blood Resin oil. The right tiny of reddish brown. Sweet, masculine, and intoxicating when rubbed into skin. I was definitely surprised by how intoxicating it was. First time I Brewed there was no smell, but I kept adding DB and Brewed maybe 12-18 hours and it vaguely almost smells like warm cinnamon buns when it came out hot. So delicious! I rubbed some on a friend’s hand and when she smelled it she went “Mmm” and her eyes almost rolled to the back of her head. I had almost the same reaction! I could not stop smelling myself! This would go great on male or female. This is legit potent and home Brewed Dragons Blood Resin oil perfume. Amazing. Everyone knows what Dragons Blood is for. Protection, love drawing, money drawing, uncrossing, and empowering. A very mystical perfume indeed! You will smell sweet but feel menacing. The planetary correspondence is Mars. Get it here

Next is Apollo

This picture does not do this oil justice!! 

This oil is mostly Solar corresponding herbs and resins. It’s subtle, sweet, but has a big kick of citrusy frankincense (minus the gunky after scent frankincense Resin usually has) Nope, it’s a big kick of very fresh citrus. Like the frankincense essence just poured out of the tree and fell into my oil. Very fitting for the oil perfume of a Sun Deity. Shake well! With frankincense as a base, it makes it a corresponding counterpart to Artemis. Frankincense was often an offering to Apollo. There is also bay laurel, which is sacred to Apollo. It can be used for divination, protection, love drawing, but mostly developing spirituality and divination. It’s sun charged too! This oil can be in the sun. The Resin makes it a tiny bit sticky. Get it here

Final new product $1-$10 Ancestor Money! With free instructions! 

Ancestor Money is freaking awesome to use! You can use a roll on oil to write symbols on it corresponding to your desire. Like today is Sunday so I’m going to draw a “$” sign on one and burn it for prosperity. I’m not kidding, Ancestor Money really works. You can write a petition on front or back with lead pencil and get an awesome result. I find myself waking up to sales when I do so. Once I burned some to Andras and woke to a sale of a set of Andras incense and oil on Saturday. And I burned some for Baron and woke up to find out somebody bought a $26 Baron Samedi bracelet as I was petitioning for him to help a grieving friend who lost her parents to cancer. (Rest their souls.) 

It just works crazy fast. There was once someone I heard say (I don’t remember who) that spirits don’t need money so I asked Andras I think and he said he liked it cause it was a unique gift. Usually people give spirits things like vodka, incense, food, and sex. But who ever burns money for fallen angels? No one. As he says, it’s a unique, yummy, feel good type of energy. The energy of having something you can use to buy things or invest in. Spirits like the feeling of being rich too. And this Denomination is $10,000. I’ve used $100 before but 10k honestly Does matter even if it is just paper printed differently. Does a check that has 10k written on it not have more power in it than one which has 1k written on it? Exactly. A 10k would make you more elated and high vibration. It’s just a great gift for spirit! You can use any oil, petition, spirit, and even blood. It feeds spirits well. Feed them! Get it here: Ancestor Money 

Well that’s it for right now! I hope that was refreshing, inspirational, note worthy, and riveting! Read up soon! 



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