My review of Oudh Soap from Oudh of Royal Bloodline 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟⭐

Find website here.

This soap is…. AMAZING! Yummy! Delicious! High quality! 

On the upside, the quality is as advertised though I’m a bit disappointed in the small size for the soaps. But the price is fair for the quality and size still! I was hoping for some big rectangular soaps. Cause I love big soaps that last forever! These soaps look like I’m gonna finish them in a week each! I really like to lather everything! Lol. And I’m a big woman. (Tall, not obese lol)

I’d like to lather my very long arms and legs forever and every day. I’m so happy they came out with new bath products as I love bath magick. I think I got Goddess Worship soap and the cloth around it smells GOOD. Such a tease! If you want to get the best out of these soaps, I recommend lathering up really well and air drying after rinsing. Since it is soap, the Oudh is very subtle. It is so sweet though and SO sensual. Smelling it definitely makes me feel good and sexual. It is almost nutty smelling.


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