Successful Money work with Mammon the Daemon of avarice

Hey guys, just wanna share a success in my evocative work with Mammon.

He called to me because he knew I needed help. I’m going on vacation next week and wanted more pocket money for my adventures to another city and state. He answered my call to adventure, and I set up my altar. Now, I am not comfortable sharing secrets unless given permission but he seems to like attention. I say he but really, I’m sure Mammon does not have a gender.

Anywho, the evocation was very simple. I just used a black mirror, incense, sigil, money, and candle. I think it was even a tealight. I THINK. I’m not sure because I like to burn several to build up energies. I was skeptical but it only took from Thursday to Sunday to fulfill my task. I just put Ancestor Money and coins under the candle which had his sigil written on it. I wrote my request and asked questions. He specifically wanted a Black envelope for his sigil, but I just put in dark coin purse. I also gave him water.

Anyway, before I knew it, I counted all my money I gained and it indeed surpassed what I asked for by $20 so far. Pretty good work. I will be working with this spirit again. 

Thanks, Mammon.


Amazing Solar Magick – Psychic Development Reiki Charged Rose Scented Gold Oil – Removes Psychic Blockages & Improves Focus!

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Looks waaay better in person.

I have been impatiently awaiting my gold flakes. I’ve tested them out and they are definitely superior quality!! So I made this amazing elixir. And from using it myself, one of the most noticeable things I noticed was how it was unblocking my Psychic Blockages. Perfect if you want to develop your Astral senses. And this was even before me solar ritual charging!

  • Raises Vibration
  • Removes Blockages
  • Helps aid in healing
  • Improves personal energy and power
  • Boosts self esteem
  • Aids in Psychic Development
  • Stimulates Third Eye, Crown Chakra, & Solar Plexus
  • Protects

Can be used for enlightenment, spirituality, and wisdom. 

Even before charging, it is very powerful and stimulating to one’s chakras and power. 

Solar Magick Ritual Optional.

Pure Dragon’s Blood Resin Oil now $1.50 a vial! Limited Offer Sale!!

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See how thick it is? I brewed my Dragon’s Blood oil in bulk and also got a big discount on vials which makes it very affordable. I’ve sold about 10 vials since I’ve made them available two weeks ago. This oil is 100% pure and very luxurious and sweet from all the brewing.

Comes in a 7.5ml vial.