Amazing Solar Magick – Psychic Development Reiki Charged Rose Scented Gold Oil – Removes Psychic Blockages & Improves Focus!

Check it out here

Looks waaay better in person.

I have been impatiently awaiting my gold flakes. I’ve tested them out and they are definitely superior quality!! So I made this amazing elixir. And from using it myself, one of the most noticeable things I noticed was how it was unblocking my Psychic Blockages. Perfect if you want to develop your Astral senses. And this was even before me solar ritual charging!

  • Raises Vibration
  • Removes Blockages
  • Helps aid in healing
  • Improves personal energy and power
  • Boosts self esteem
  • Aids in Psychic Development
  • Stimulates Third Eye, Crown Chakra, & Solar Plexus
  • Protects

Can be used for enlightenment, spirituality, and wisdom. 

Even before charging, it is very powerful and stimulating to one’s chakras and power. 

Solar Magick Ritual Optional.


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