Business Bath Spell by King Paimon

Greetings, All! I do not know if this has ever occured to you but King Paimon can be both an Earth and a Water type! I know right? But the truth is that it’s not really a long shot. I mean, it’s in his very description. 

“He can discover unto thee what the Earth is, and what holdeth it up in the Waters; and what Mind is, and where it is; or any other thing thou mayest desire to know.” –

S. L. MacGregor Mathers

So yeah, the thing is. Water represents emotion, receptivity, and feminine energy. Literally right when I was about to publish this blog, it fucked up, so maybe I should be more direct. From my experience, the way to go with King Paimon is to be more receptive than projective. He may be a cryptic enigma at times but he is also very wise and may need you to listen. He is also very fun and charming at times though. But anyways, what does this have to do with the quote or with the bath spell? So you can be more receptive to what you’re wanting to manifest (attacting customers.)

And also to tell the world that what he can bring is knowledge of self and more profound self awareness. I mean, I am usually as reflective as water and self divinate. And while it may take me days, weeks, or even months to figure out the root of a feeling, he can literally tell me in a heartbeat and help me solve such and such as a guide. King Paimon is seriously fucking awesome.

So what I’m saying is the waters represent your fee-fees(emotion, or deeper psychology)

And also bath spells are an important way of manifesting, especially if you want something fast. Because harvesting your ingredients is already setting your intent, and then you submerge yourself in your conduits(ingredients), intent in mind. And also as you are relaxing, you’re already letting your intent go out into the universe. So when doing this, I recommend you RELAX. And I mean, just think about it, if you keep projecting your will over and over again, whenever it decides to come, you’d just be pushing against it. So RELAX buddy. ;p

So here are the ingredients:

  • Cardamom (1tsp)
  • milk (1-3cups)
  • sugar (1/2-1 1/2 cups)
  • vanilla extract (1-3 drops)
  • whole orange peels (3)
  • bergamot (1-3tbsp)
  • blueberries(1-5cups)

And of course if you are allergic you can just substitute or exclude it, ya knuckleheads. :p

Now I would recommend boiling the orange peels for 5 minutes to let out the scent a little, and as it is cooling, add the blueberries. And when it’s fully cooled or just luke warm, put all the ingredients together. Whether you wanna strain the water is up to you but I’d say keep it. Have your statement of intent with you and just have it by the tub or whatever feels right. Start the water to desired temperature, light your candles, relaxing music, incense, etc. Make sure the water isn’t draining so you don’t waste your ingredients. You don’t have to say a prayer or incantation but if it feels right, do so. I believe collecting the ingredients is already setting intent but that’s just me. When the water is a certain amount, add the mixture, in the dark candle lit bathroom, and just relax. 

This bath is designed for attracting customers and removing any internal or external obstacles you may have. And also to sweeten them to you. 

I hope this was useful. Later Potaters! 😀