Favorite Feature Friday 1- The Serpents Key- A Left Hand Path Organization

Hello, folks! Welcome to the first of this particular content series, Favorite Feature Friday!

Now today I’m going to be covering an interesting and curious occult organization/order that I found surfing the interwebz some months ago. The Serpent’s Key, which when I first found it was called Master’s Of The Sun. But I’ll be referring to it as Serpent’s Key here.

Now The Serpent’s Key is basically an organization ran by a woman who calls herself A. Raven Star. Miss Raven on her YouTube channel The Serpent’s Key and on her websites MOTS and TSK likes to teach about luciferianism, satanism, left hand path and her own views on demonolatry. Which I think her own ideas are pretty interesting and entertaining. One of the first things I find fascinating is that she speaks about her demon husband Paimon which is a Demon King in the Lesser Key Of Solomon. How wild is that? He is supposed to be he mentor and guide, and they have astral sex? Yes, she speaks on how they have sex, but it is not uncommon for people to be in sexual relationships with spirits. Apparently there are many people whom have intercourse and marriages with different spirits, incubi, and succubi. So don’t regard her as a complete loon just yet.

Rapidly Enhance Spirit Communication & Astral Senses:


Demon-Human Relationships: Love & Sex With Demons


When Is A Demonic Pact Required or Appropriate


Another cool thing is her informational videos on different arch-demons as well, like Belial, Lucifer, and Abaddon. I have not really worked with these spirits at all but it is useful and admirable when a modern practitioner has their own mysterious experiences to reveal. There is some stuff I cannot imagine she experiences without drug use, but then again, I’ve had some wacky experiences very sober. I have at least worked with Paimon, and we both report seeing flashing blue and yellow lights. Coincidence?

Evoking King Paimon General Guide:


The Real Lucifer: Evocation Guide:


Evoking Abaddon: General Info Guide:


Evoking Azazel:


Evoking Belial:


In her informational guides she describes the temperaments and teaching styles of the demons, as well as things that correspond to them and what they like as offerings. Which most people would take with a grain of salt. But really it is gold hidden in the unseen. Again, great modern practitioner’s contributions.

My only concern is that she is now claiming that young people who think of themselves as “indigo children” are actually people who are related to demons and have demonic souls. And my concern doesn’t come from a religious viewpoint, but from a practical one. The idea of indigo children to me is just made up hogwash and it is used by cult leaders to draw in and delude impressionable minds. The whole special snowflake schtick just irks me. And another problem which is something that DOES make her channel so interesting is she sometimes speaks in absolutes. But as do I at times, so who am I to say anything?

Is Your Spirit/Soul Demonic? The Real Indigo Children:


Lucifer’s Human Legion, A Movement Of Enlightenment, Demonic Souls:


Magickal & Spiritual Bloodlines:Being Destined For This Path:


While she does offer an entry fee to her order, on the bright side, she does have her own free video courses, so you can test her content before you buy.

And here is The Serpent’s Key website:


Anyways, thanks for reading my first installment of Favorite Feature Fridays, hope this was enlightening!