How I came to have a pact with King Paimon of the Goetia

​Funny story actually. He actually coerced me into doing so, and I don’t blame him, we’re both artistic types and I give very good offerings.
So I was just chilling, stressing out about things trying to multitask, and I had this very annoying thought in the back of my head because the eyebrow hair of my left eyebrow was growing all weird and patchy. So while I was trying to focus on more important things, that annoyance was commanding my attention. And KP came and offered to take care of it for me. And I was skeptical honestly, but it wasn’t a long shot cause I had conjured him earlier that week, I just thought it was silly he would offer help in that kind of thing.
So yeah, I shrugged it off and he kept thought projecting the base of the ritual in my head until I gave up resisting. He was persistent. So I did the ritual as directed, and it worked by the way, my brows look great. 🙂
But yeah, so throughout the ritual, he directed me in steps further and such until the end of the ritual. And after the ritual, I said my goodbyes and thank yous, and he stopped me and asked to talk for 10 more minutes and I abided. 
So I sit in front of his painting and I’m like “what’s up”
And he’s like “So, why do you not use the traditional way of conjuring?
And I ended up going on a long diatribe about how I hated the traditional way, wished to make my own way, and vented like an hour’s worth of things in about two minutes because it just all came out at once.
And I couldn’t really hear him much after that really so I said thank-you, left the room and apologized cause I had to leave and I heard him say something like “Ugh, humans and their routines.” 
So yeah, I worked out, showered, and continued work. 
And as I was doing my work, he kept thought projecting pact making in my head. Over and over again. I was like “meh.” But he was eager and persisted.

He should have known and analyzed the little wild fire (me) and what he was getting mixed up with. Seriously. I’m a sweet and sour little fire ball, even to an “infernal.”

But eventually I talked directly to him and said “write a pact right now? I don’t feel eloquent enough for that right now.” And he was still eager. So eventually I yielded and grabbed my paper and clipboard to write a “rough draft” out of ritual space in order to entertain him. And even though I had not done it in the typical way I would, all the words flowed out like water as I asked him what he wanted. I filled the entire page in under a minute and he signed it in a flaming seal (his own). And before I can even ask why he had a ring around his seal, he tells me. “It is for pact making.” 

Though it was just a flaming circle around his seal, no name.

And he imprinted it on the paper and had me sign. Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I did it because I could have worked with anyone else for less. (And typically, I’m more attracted to darker Saturnian types like Azazel or Lucifuge.)

Fascinating. So yeah, that little rough draft ended up being okay for him and it was very fair. A bit challenging on my end though, but I’m a challenging person anyways. Literally with him I have to learn to NOT be bitter, jaded and callous. Who would have guessed? I am learning a lot though. See him in blue and gold glimmers, in the corner of my eyes, etc. Learning how laid back and funny he can be which is a few good traits I should reclaim. Stress is good for no one. So him making laugh while I’m being upright is a breath of fresh air.
Thanks KP!