Successful Money work with Mammon the Daemon of avarice

Hey guys, just wanna share a success in my evocative work with Mammon.

He called to me because he knew I needed help. I’m going on vacation next week and wanted more pocket money for my adventures to another city and state. He answered my call to adventure, and I set up my altar. Now, I am not comfortable sharing secrets unless given permission but he seems to like attention. I say he but really, I’m sure Mammon does not have a gender.

Anywho, the evocation was very simple. I just used a black mirror, incense, sigil, money, and candle. I think it was even a tealight. I THINK. I’m not sure because I like to burn several to build up energies. I was skeptical but it only took from Thursday to Sunday to fulfill my task. I just put Ancestor Money and coins under the candle which had his sigil written on it. I wrote my request and asked questions. He specifically wanted a Black envelope for his sigil, but I just put in dark coin purse. I also gave him water.

Anyway, before I knew it, I counted all my money I gained and it indeed surpassed what I asked for by $20 so far. Pretty good work. I will be working with this spirit again. 

Thanks, Mammon.


My review of Oudh Soap from Oudh of Royal Bloodline 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟⭐

Find website here.

This soap is…. AMAZING! Yummy! Delicious! High quality! 

On the upside, the quality is as advertised though I’m a bit disappointed in the small size for the soaps. But the price is fair for the quality and size still! I was hoping for some big rectangular soaps. Cause I love big soaps that last forever! These soaps look like I’m gonna finish them in a week each! I really like to lather everything! Lol. And I’m a big woman. (Tall, not obese lol)

I’d like to lather my very long arms and legs forever and every day. I’m so happy they came out with new bath products as I love bath magick. I think I got Goddess Worship soap and the cloth around it smells GOOD. Such a tease! If you want to get the best out of these soaps, I recommend lathering up really well and air drying after rinsing. Since it is soap, the Oudh is very subtle. It is so sweet though and SO sensual. Smelling it definitely makes me feel good and sexual. It is almost nutty smelling.

Sunday Illumination Post – What Are Demons? 

What are Demons? What are they really? 

*screeching owl battle cry*

I was bored and decided to start studying angels. I’ve worked with angels before, they are deluding voices of light who show up as sparkles and tell you things you refuse to believe because you are too sucked up into the void to even be uplifted by the soothing padding breath notes of a self righteous feather concubine. Oops. Well anyway, in the process of trying to study angels, I kept finding information on fallen angels. Over and over and over again. Which got me thinking, why do people not speak of them as if that is what most Demons are? They are fallen angels. If anything, Yahweh is a true demon, since he has such blood lust and a need for blood sacrifice. I swear, everything is so backwards. 

LOL. I realized that a lot of the higher ranking Demons were once angels of higher orders. Like leviathan was once a Seraph, the highest order of angels which also appear as serpents or Dragons. So there may be some naturally more powerful than others, but that doesn’t always mean they care about ranking. Also, I have a conspiracy theory about this:

What if the entity whom created angels programmed one third of the angels to fall? Like, would it have honestly been a big surprise that a third of heaven rebelled? Maybe the Deity wanted change, controversy, and free will. Just like we’re supposed to have. And I find that fallen angels can be very beneficial to humanity. Also who knows, maybe when they fell a bunch of them decided to become deities of human societies around the world to teach and guide. Which gives me new theories on pact making. 

I also have a little conspiracy theory on the demonization. Maybe fallen angels were often confused with djinn and conjured interchangeably because of the djinn being bound to the desert and Christianity coming from there. The way the devil and demons were explained to me as a child is literally a description of a djinn. Not necessarily a fallen angel. I wish my parents actually tried to obtain knowledge so that I could have real information on fallen angels and not have to learn the long way. But that is what the church does, it keeps people ignorant. 

A famous demon I would say is actually VERY powerful but also bad to the bone is probably Asmodeus. He’s supposed to be a fallen angel, but he could very well be a djinn in disguise. He was probably touched inappropriately as a child spirit or something and never let go cause he is so angry. Quit taking it out on maidens, Asmoday! Show me on the poppet where the bad spirit touched you. See, I’m a demon too. 

Was it Mohammed, Asmoday? 

No, it was his God Allah, he made me call him Uncle Bad Touch. 

Who Asmy, that must of been devastating. 

Sure, it was awful. Hey, you wanna petition me for a new spell? I totally won’t mess things up afterwards. 

No thanks, Asmy, I think I learned my lesson the first few times. See you around. 


New Moon Goddess Artemis Artisan Essential Oil Perfume! $3.75

Check out this item in my Etsy shop

Hey guys, it’s me of MoonMarquis and I have a new item up for grabs! My new Artemis Roll on perfume. Divinely feminine but not too girly, it definitely has a kick! 

It is 100% Natural, no colorants, alcohol, or dyes. With with pure essential oils with Lunar Ruling and can be used for protection, spirituality, divination rites, drawing love, abundance and femininity. With a hint of pine. Smells so good, you won’t stop smelling yourself! 

One of the best money making magical tools you should have in your arsenal!!! On Sale Soon! 

Hey guys, it’s MoonMarquis and recently I got a sale of $25+ maybe last night or this morning. Now while I promised a vile of Dragon’s Blood, I decided to give something better… Ancestor Money! 

I was drawn to and decided to give this as a gift with instructions since it’s associated with ancestors and he bought a Baron Samedi Bracelet. 

Though it is just simply printed paper, the energy it gives to your deities is priceless! It brings money much faster than a spell or money drawing incense, herbs, and oils. I’m talking same and next day! Don’t worry, it will only be $1-$5 depending on quantity. And I will offer a 99¢ pdf so you can print it out yourself with the money stacked next to each note so you can print and cut out many to a page. I once purchased hel money which denomination was only $100 but these $10,000 denomination notes are far more powerful. 

It is debated whether or not an ancestral spirit or deity needs money in the after life or not. So I asked a spirit what he thought about it and he said that he likes the energy because it’s very unique and something new. It’s outside of the ordinary of food or blood or incense. It’s fresher and exotic. 

And the spirit that let me in on that is our very own Moon Marquis. The beautiful deity Andras. 

I don’t care what you read about him. He is definitely a deity of wealth. The only things he kills are over inflation of ego, sloppy ritual work, and poverty. Mostly poverty and teaching magick in my case. That’s why my shop is named after him! Whenever I ask him for baneful magick, he did teach me an incantation but I guess he has other plans with me. He says “Hey! I could do a lot more than that!” in regards to death and discord. In fact he tells me a lot of “demons” can do so much more than what’s written about them. Hail Andras! Seems like he wants some attention today. I noticed that if I burn money for a deity, an item dedicated to them sells the next day. In this week, it happened with Andras and Baron Samedi. Saturday was Andras, today was Baron. But I’m sure Andras wants an extra shout out cause I’m wearing a shirt of him and owl leggings. Lol! Shout out to my Andy! 

Anyways, to use ancestor money you can write the name of a spirit or petition in pencil in front or back of money. You can even draw sigil and anoint with oils or your blood. 

And Andras only likes a drop of blood to show you’re serious in your petition to him. 

Burn ancestor money in ceramic dish. 

Until next time! 

Awesome customers win my heart! + Dragon’s Blood Oil Giveaway 

Oh awesome customers! How I adore awesome customers! Was this a former customer whom has a different screen name? A follower of my blog? Or a fellow Andras enthusiast? I know not! 

I just wanna say that after having a customer trying to scam me, this is so refreshing and makes me feel appreciated. And no, that other customer did not win a case. I had too much proof against their false claims. Thank you screenshots! Phew. 

Anywho, I am rolling in such gratitude that I am offering a free Dragon’s Blood oil for purchases at least $25 not including shipping. But if you would just like the Dragon’s Blood by itself, it is just $2.50 plus shipping. Pure and home brewed! Why it is so adorable? I literally have a local high priestess friend with a shop whom gives me great deals! I hope someone gives me a great review soon!!! Get Dragon’s Blood Oil Here

My theory on covens and magickal burn out

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t been regularly posting. I have NO energy and am exhausted. Been having problems with my hormones which doesn’t make it better.

But anyways, I’ve been up to a lot of things. One thing is I’ve hired my first witch. I am a witch myself and my magic is pretty accurate. Actually, it’s VERY accurate. But I always have to aim small, because I run out of energy pretty fast. I guess I just need to work on building energy and if I do workings too big, I will often get burnt out and sick. (Like a cold.)

So I decided to hire a witch to help assist me on a big working. I got back what I gave her in two sale days so far. And the ritual she did on her end was Sunday, and I made those sales by Wednesday! 

Woot! I picked a good witch! 

Anyways, maybe because I only have 5 years experience do I get burn out easy?

My intent on reaching out to another witch has always been to help assist me to get to a higher place in life. I mean, I think that’s why there are still covens, right? To accomplish more with the power of many? Not that deep, I know.

I am excited to see what manifests sooner or later.

I will also be purchasing an exotic and magickal perfume to review soon.

My hormones are a raging so I’ll catch you later!

What I use in Evocation to aid communication with spirits for under $5

Hello, folks! 

I’ve come to share one of my simple tricks to aiding in spiritual communication during evocation or work with any spirits. In some grimoires, sometimes you are instructed to use Frankincense incense. And by that I mean the use of Frankincense resin as incense. 

Resin incense is usually burned in evocation with the intention of having the spirit “manifest” in the smoke, right? But why Frankincense? 

Well Frankincense like myrrh and copal are not only fragrant but aid in Spirituality in general. But in our modern world, do we have time to sit in front of Frankincense smoke all day? No. I wish.

In working with spirits daily or periodically I have learned that anointing myself with frankincense resin oil I’ve made can allow me to “hear” or “see”. I anoint both my third eye and crown with it and I find that I can perceive more what spirit is trying to communicate with me. 

And this sounds a bit like a conspiracy theory to me, but I think Frankincense is burned to PERCEIVE a spirit, not see a literal manifestation because it’s FRANKINCENSE not smoke. Smoke has almost nothing to do with it, but the application of Frankincense.

To get pure and all natural Frankincense resin oil, shop here.

Amazing Baron Samedi Incense I Highly Recommend!!

Hey guys, I’m sorry I’ve been gone a few installments. I’ve been having some time of respite and trying to reorganize and move things in my life around. In that time, I purchased some AMAZING incense dedicated to Baron Samedi. Literally smells like a graveyard. Earthy with a bit of mint, and when you burn it, it’s more feminine smelling. Flowery with white carnation. I’ve burned one stick and love it so much, I don’t wanna burn anymore and soon run out.

It comes on 20 black charcoal sticks. Link.

Aside from that, I have been working on many things and have a big surprise coming next week.

Much love and light!