I am back on the saddle again… with King Paimon – Rants and Raves – (Warning) Explicit Language

Hi everyone, my small following and future followers. It’s been a long and stressful break.

Well.. honestly. I have been through hell and back again. I see King Paimon in my mind’s eye as I am writing this nice and clearly. But going through hell can be really fucking good. I got out of a shitty relationship, I learned how to trust my spiritual path, my spirit guides, and my intuition. I had some really fucked up shit happen to me in 2016 that involved death, betrayal, and many forms of emotional, psychological, and even physical abuse.

But don’t worry, I have been through awful shit before so even if it was some brand new whole new level of evil hell to go through that I have never before experienced, I have always seen myself as a phoenix who rises from the ashes. I have just always had fucked up shit happen to me and rose again from the ashes, and right now is one of those times.

Now. People talk about the LHP’s trials and tribulations with the dark arts, occultism, and demonalotry. Well, if you are like me, your life just may have already started that way in the first place. I mean, it’s in my natal chart and honestly, since I started working with demons.. my life has never gone more smoothly.

Now, what I just said might sound contradictory being that I stated I just went through hell and back but it’s true. I only went through that horrible thing of my own free will. That’s right, I am taking complete accountability for my misfortunes instead of blaming it on the infernal empire. Why? Because it was I who made the wrong choices whilst my guides were warning against my choices. They warned me through telepathy, prophetic dreams, and intuition about everything. But I was so left brained and nihilistic at the time that I would not heed such warnings. Therefore I got my shit fucked up.

And yet they were there. They were there to catch me when I fell, to give me guidance, they came to my call, helped me manifest, and punished the person who betrayed me whilst blessing me. The motherfucker nearly got decapitated by the garage door in front of me whilst stupidly trying to lift it(the spring that lifted it broke). And that’s while I was holding my spirits back. Andras wanted to fuck some shit up. Then later while playing with a ghost app, the app said “look,” “decapitated,” and “messenger” and the individual messaged me on messenger, it was pretty funny.

Then hilariously I remembered talking to that person about the decapitated rider Irish fae called Dullahan, then later got two bindings of Dullahan spirits for my keep.

Anyways.. I have been up to a lot of new and old tricks. I’ve manifested a lot of things and healed a lot of things as well. I rededicated myself to my path and have been working with my relationships with my spirits, including Paimon. I suppose my efforts from before have manifest in him wanting to remain in my life. I have reinstated him into my daily rituals and dubbed him one of my patrons and rededicated myself to him.

Why, you may ask? I just feel the most comfortable with him. I love his royal energy, how he is dynamic, patient, and persistent in my life. He mends broken relationships and brings me gifts and causes enemies to give me things that I want. He also punishes my enemies and comes as soon as I call him. I pretty much see him around everyday unless he is tasked, then he jumps back to watch me again. Though he is a being of few words, what he says is always wise. And I can never turn down such a delicious royal energy. He hated my ex and came to me very persistently after we broke up.

He embarrassed my ex even once on a date. As well as gave his dick eczema. Yes, these spirits gave his dick eczema, hilarious. Anyways, my ex was like undiagnosed with a personality disorder. maybe borderline personality disorder? I am not sure. But it was like dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde. A kind, understanding side and a boisterous, obnoxious, and destructive side. Not only self destructive but destructive to everyone around him. He pretended like anything his destructive side said was a joke, but honestly, my intuition told me otherwise. Anyway, he treated me like an abused queen, really fancy dates, kind, thoughtful, understanding then go to narcissistic, arrogant, and rude. We were on a date where his bipolar started to show. I was starting to feel shitty.

King Paimon pops up right in front of us, though only I can see him. KP says “Do you want me to take care of him?” And of course I say “Yes. PLEASE!!!”

Now, my ex is an extremely insecure, shy, delusional, petty, and weak fragile narcissist.

And you know how Paimon has the ability to influence?

Well… next thing you know he spills his drink. And he is totally aware, he is extremely embarrassed and he hovers his hand over his drink, he is so embarrassed that he cannot pick his drink up, frozen in terror as the tea and ice slowly gushes out and rolls all the way down the other side of the table. His cheeks are flushed, he is petrified and jumbling his words while mustering nervous laughter. It was like he was frozen in time as his cup slowly emptied itself. Everything went in slow motion and I got to savor every moment. The only thing uttering from my lips was “Haha, that’s what you get.”

The sphere of Saturn and the infernal have always been good to me in my nearly 7 year experience. They are so protective and persistent, even some lying in wait for me to reach a new level. My life is 100x more smoother since initiating myself and by spirits. That relationship was only the most shitty thing and I was warned profusely. In comparison to the continuous string of shitty things that used to happen to me back to back, hence my nihilism. Also, in my experience, the infernal are much more lenient than any other pantheon I’ve experienced as well because at least they smooth things out, support you, and warn you. But still, you have free will and they cannot protect you from your own perspective and mistakes.

I like how I just accidentally typed perspective instead of decision, though was it an accident or was I influenced? Perspective referencing my nihilism.

Also, in regards to working with the infernal, TAKE SOME FUCKING ACCOUNTABILITY , PEOPLE!!

Sorry, I had to.

Woooooo this post has really been taking the edge off of me, I was so stressed, haha. Been recovering from multiple illnesses and reforming my path. Had a lot of experiences, a lot on my plate, and apparently a lot to say. I really hope I can pop out consistent content without too long of a break cause apparently I have a ton to rant about, haha. Lots of good and bad experiences and well as misconceptions that piss me off. The infernal fire burns hot within me being a phoenix and all but never fear, phoenix have healing tears.

Aside from recovering from the shit I been through, life and my manifestations have been very good. I have had great luck, healing, progress, and my family relationships have strengthened ten fold as well as many unmentioned areas in my life. And yet there is still that minute sore of pain that I have to face, understand, and heal through consistent work. Though it is all the other progress I see in my life that makes that pain seem so minute and frivolous.

Now that I have ranted and raved, I want you to remember this.

You are all Gods and droplets in the sea of the great divine. It is always your choice to turn lemons into lemonade and water into wine. The power is yours.

Also, while I was channeling Paimon and I was casually talking about how much more powerful I have become because of my magick’s high success rate he said to me “You have always been that powerful, you have just been reawakening to it.”

And I am sure the same goes for you too.

Awaken to your power, damn it.

Many Blessings,


Bonus Information!

What do I offer Paimon? Yellow candles with frankincense oil and frankincense incense. Blue candles for emotions and black candles for hidden knowledge.

If you want him to help your business, you have to give him FOOD. He LOVES FOOD. And does not help business for mere incense. Cookies, cakes, pasta, and drinks. I get 4-5x business with daily food offerings. Though I hate looking at stale food, yuk. He loves it.

He is a busy demon but likes to study me all day. Hail Paimon!


Successful Money work with Mammon the Daemon of avarice

Hey guys, just wanna share a success in my evocative work with Mammon.

He called to me because he knew I needed help. I’m going on vacation next week and wanted more pocket money for my adventures to another city and state. He answered my call to adventure, and I set up my altar. Now, I am not comfortable sharing secrets unless given permission but he seems to like attention. I say he but really, I’m sure Mammon does not have a gender.

Anywho, the evocation was very simple. I just used a black mirror, incense, sigil, money, and candle. I think it was even a tealight. I THINK. I’m not sure because I like to burn several to build up energies. I was skeptical but it only took from Thursday to Sunday to fulfill my task. I just put Ancestor Money and coins under the candle which had his sigil written on it. I wrote my request and asked questions. He specifically wanted a Black envelope for his sigil, but I just put in dark coin purse. I also gave him water.

Anyway, before I knew it, I counted all my money I gained and it indeed surpassed what I asked for by $20 so far. Pretty good work. I will be working with this spirit again. 

Thanks, Mammon.

My review of Oudh Soap from Oudh of Royal Bloodline 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟⭐

Find website here.

This soap is…. AMAZING! Yummy! Delicious! High quality! 

On the upside, the quality is as advertised though I’m a bit disappointed in the small size for the soaps. But the price is fair for the quality and size still! I was hoping for some big rectangular soaps. Cause I love big soaps that last forever! These soaps look like I’m gonna finish them in a week each! I really like to lather everything! Lol. And I’m a big woman. (Tall, not obese lol)

I’d like to lather my very long arms and legs forever and every day. I’m so happy they came out with new bath products as I love bath magick. I think I got Goddess Worship soap and the cloth around it smells GOOD. Such a tease! If you want to get the best out of these soaps, I recommend lathering up really well and air drying after rinsing. Since it is soap, the Oudh is very subtle. It is so sweet though and SO sensual. Smelling it definitely makes me feel good and sexual. It is almost nutty smelling.

Sunday Illumination Post – What Are Demons? 

What are Demons? What are they really? 

*screeching owl battle cry*

I was bored and decided to start studying angels. I’ve worked with angels before, they are deluding voices of light who show up as sparkles and tell you things you refuse to believe because you are too sucked up into the void to even be uplifted by the soothing padding breath notes of a self righteous feather concubine. Oops. Well anyway, in the process of trying to study angels, I kept finding information on fallen angels. Over and over and over again. Which got me thinking, why do people not speak of them as if that is what most Demons are? They are fallen angels. If anything, Yahweh is a true demon, since he has such blood lust and a need for blood sacrifice. I swear, everything is so backwards. 

LOL. I realized that a lot of the higher ranking Demons were once angels of higher orders. Like leviathan was once a Seraph, the highest order of angels which also appear as serpents or Dragons. So there may be some naturally more powerful than others, but that doesn’t always mean they care about ranking. Also, I have a conspiracy theory about this:

What if the entity whom created angels programmed one third of the angels to fall? Like, would it have honestly been a big surprise that a third of heaven rebelled? Maybe the Deity wanted change, controversy, and free will. Just like we’re supposed to have. And I find that fallen angels can be very beneficial to humanity. Also who knows, maybe when they fell a bunch of them decided to become deities of human societies around the world to teach and guide. Which gives me new theories on pact making. 

I also have a little conspiracy theory on the demonization. Maybe fallen angels were often confused with djinn and conjured interchangeably because of the djinn being bound to the desert and Christianity coming from there. The way the devil and demons were explained to me as a child is literally a description of a djinn. Not necessarily a fallen angel. I wish my parents actually tried to obtain knowledge so that I could have real information on fallen angels and not have to learn the long way. But that is what the church does, it keeps people ignorant. 

A famous demon I would say is actually VERY powerful but also bad to the bone is probably Asmodeus. He’s supposed to be a fallen angel, but he could very well be a djinn in disguise. He was probably touched inappropriately as a child spirit or something and never let go cause he is so angry. Quit taking it out on maidens, Asmoday! Show me on the poppet where the bad spirit touched you. See, I’m a demon too. 

Was it Mohammed, Asmoday? 

No, it was his God Allah, he made me call him Uncle Bad Touch. 

Who Asmy, that must of been devastating. 

Sure, it was awful. Hey, you wanna petition me for a new spell? I totally won’t mess things up afterwards. 

No thanks, Asmy, I think I learned my lesson the first few times. See you around. 


My theory on covens and magickal burn out

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t been regularly posting. I have NO energy and am exhausted. Been having problems with my hormones which doesn’t make it better.

But anyways, I’ve been up to a lot of things. One thing is I’ve hired my first witch. I am a witch myself and my magic is pretty accurate. Actually, it’s VERY accurate. But I always have to aim small, because I run out of energy pretty fast. I guess I just need to work on building energy and if I do workings too big, I will often get burnt out and sick. (Like a cold.)

So I decided to hire a witch to help assist me on a big working. I got back what I gave her in two sale days so far. And the ritual she did on her end was Sunday, and I made those sales by Wednesday! 

Woot! I picked a good witch! 

Anyways, maybe because I only have 5 years experience do I get burn out easy?

My intent on reaching out to another witch has always been to help assist me to get to a higher place in life. I mean, I think that’s why there are still covens, right? To accomplish more with the power of many? Not that deep, I know.

I am excited to see what manifests sooner or later.

I will also be purchasing an exotic and magickal perfume to review soon.

My hormones are a raging so I’ll catch you later!

Amazing Baron Samedi Incense I Highly Recommend!!

Hey guys, I’m sorry I’ve been gone a few installments. I’ve been having some time of respite and trying to reorganize and move things in my life around. In that time, I purchased some AMAZING incense dedicated to Baron Samedi. Literally smells like a graveyard. Earthy with a bit of mint, and when you burn it, it’s more feminine smelling. Flowery with white carnation. I’ve burned one stick and love it so much, I don’t wanna burn anymore and soon run out.

It comes on 20 black charcoal sticks. Link.

Aside from that, I have been working on many things and have a big surprise coming next week.

Much love and light!

Baron of the Saturday – A New Deity Encounter

Hey guys, welcome to another installment.

If I did not say so before, I now Post on Sundays as well as Thursdays, with Sunday posts having the aim of illumination and enlightenment. A good opportunity to learn something new.

Now today, I am going to be talking about a spirit or Loa or Lwa from Haitian Voudon (I hope I spelled it right.) A deity of death, laughs, sex, debauchery, and mourning. The great Baron Samedi. (Baron of Saturday.)

Above is a felt doll of Baron by My Little Baphomet on Etsy. I am making one of my own.

Or in one of his other aspects that stick out to me, Baron La Croix or, Baron of The Cross. You may have seen him singing at that party in Hocus Pocus. Yeah, that guy.

Well anyways, this was one of those cases where the deity calls me, and I did not call it. I had his name play in my head on and on without even realizing it! I thought it was just my subconscious brain poop. And even watching Jojo’s bizarre adventure, there was something odd and familiar about the character Baron Zeppeli’s name. Also, Baron Zeppeli’s character wears a top hat, just like Baron Samedi. You can find a lot of basic information on this Loa, so I am not going to regurgitate it on here, but speak from my own experience lately.

(Below is Baron Zeppili from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

But before I go on further, I have to point this out cause it’s really itching me and bothering me. I have a sister in law that LOVES sugar skulls stuff. Not related to Voudon but in planetary spheres of influence, sugar skulls and Dia de los muertos is a Saturnian festival. 

Being that Saturn rules over honoring and working with the ancestors. Now she’s a christian, but we were watching Hocus Pocus and she says she has always liked/felt drawn to that character dressed someone like The Baron, even though he was missing some rum and tobacco. (It is a kid’s movie.) And the connection sounds innocent enough. But another thing is, her last name is Cruz, like The Cross and La Croix. As in Baron LA Croix. 

Which seems more like a coincidence, huh? There are a lot of hispanic people with that name whom probably like sugar skulls, sure. But here is where it gets interesting. Baron’s Samedi’s dance is a sexual and sensual dance which involves putting a cane in front of himself as if it’s a penis and simulating intercourse. (Freaking awesome, I used to do that with pencils and rolled up spirals at school and do that same thing.)

 And do you know what this dance is called? The Banda. Do you know my sister in law’s middle name? Freaking Banda! Who the heck names their kid Banda? What the heck kind of middle name is that? How is that even a coincidence!?

 Lol. It would be funny if Baron was coming to me to help push her into that path. Also under Baron’s perverted influence, I did make an internal joke about her being circumsized. Maybe that joke means something.

By the way, Baron is also known to love dirty jokes. But really, who names their kid Banda!? Anyways, dirty jokes and lechery aside, I find this spirit very calming and comforting. I find that when I hear others speak on certain matters, he tells me what is wrong with their argument or if they are lying, and influences me to take tabs on such lying, cheating, and bullshit. 

I now feel a pull to talk about this for his sake and he doesn’t seem to want me to hold back. There is this guy who calls himself a Haitian Bokor, which a Bokor is supposed to be a left hand path magician of Voudon. And I like his fieryness naturally and his “passion” though he is a bit of a racist, I always liked him. 

But I was watching his videos on Baron Samedi and Baron La Croix as I was obsessed with this spirit and wanted to find all the resources I could. And as I was watching, Baron was pretty much calling out several things wrong with what he was saying, all that for some reason I can’t remember as I did not dwell on it. 

Pretty much saying that the reason why this individual was acting like Baron Samedi and La Croix were so aggressive and could only be worked with by the bokor, was so that he could be payed by those who are inexperienced to work with these beings on their behalf themselves. Which sounds like business to me, but Baron say the word “scam” and “scammer” which is pretty funny. 

Also Baron made clear that though I am not initiated and STILL must respect the tradition, I am still allowed to work with/ be influenced by Baron because I have gone through a lot of loss in my life so being that I am a mourner, I am in his domain. And no one fucks with his domain. And for sure not a man whom though he acts big and knows mysteries, is still mortal and can be taken from that flesh husk by Baron’s will at anytime.

 Baron is also pointing out that my race matters not, as I am still his and will be his regardless of race/bloodline/heritage/complexion. By the way, that Bokor hates white people and being that I have Spanish blood, I am technically white with mexican indian and native american. That makes me wonder why this bokor finds Baron to be so aggressive, maybe he was told the exact same thing or something similar? About the Baron being able to take him at anytime is what I mean. 

I notice that I can also get angry but can control it better than usual. I find Baron’s influence makes me more susceptible to be more understanding and compassionate of other people’s flaws while at the same time taking tabs on such truths and discernments.

On the positive side, Baron’s influence definitely makes me very jovial and happy. I read a blog post about him that said he teaches that life is too short to be unhappy, and I could not think of a better influence for me. Which is true, I do find myself inspired to both sacrifice what I must to create a happier life and laughing loudly at the most silly things. And also comes the part of him having sympathy for the dead, I find him having sympathy for my own “deaths.” Which not only means physical death but loss and also transition. I find him not only wise, as he has all the knowledge of those who passed, but also comforting.

I could go on and on about this Loa, but I will update you later.

Thanks for reading!


My Feelings On Demons & Demonolatry

Greeting weary web surfers!

Welcome to another installment of Moon Marquis’s blog posts. Hail Satan and all.

This installment as the title suggests will be on my own feelings and views of demonolatry. Hail Satan!
Now, I REALLY need to get me a few books on the history of demonolatry because I’m not best educated in the subject other that my own personal experiences. And by the way, me being into Satanism and Demonolatry is a total coincidence. Did I mention I like black metal?

Anyways. I would have never thought that I would be into demonolatry, not that I was ever afraid. I guess I just wasn’t ready to study it. What fascinated me was not the amazing results people supposedly got from working with them. I believe the power comes from the practitioner via knowledge and experience. But it was the ugliness and the relationship aspect that attracted me. The fact that some people really got to know their demons.

Even though I have been “working” with demons for almost four years, my experiences were honestly not that significant. I don’t know if it’s because I’m desensitized to mystical things happening and manifesting or because of my almost nihilistic approach to magick of the last few years. But I seem to either be too busy or too bored.

But I’m not bashing on working with demons at all. With hindsight, I have seen a LOT of enemies, people who have fuck with me just fall. And I didn’t even curse them! But at the same time I have done wrong and payed for it big time. (I think that is because of my frequent work in the sphere of Saturn though.)

The cool things I’ve “coincidentaly” learned are herbology, recipes for oils, incense, business success and other ideas. I’ve been inspired, warned of up and coming danger via intuition and visions, and have witnessed my enemies detroyed. Pretty interesting and dynamic list. Also I just opened my Shop in November as as of now in February 5th that I am writing this. (As I schedule my blog posts) I currently have (8) 5 star ratings. (8) 5 star ratings in just three months! Not to mention that my shop goes on vacation every month as I travel so I could probably have even more. That is 40 stars! Is it just luck? Are my listing that great?

An important bit of advice in working with demons, is have:

Respect for the demon
Discernment via rationality and divination
Offerings for said demon
Confidence in your abilities
Direction, have somewhere the energy must go like a goal
Game Plan, you are the architect of manifesting your own desires
No fear, seriously. Just don’t work with anyone too hairy like Asmoday or Andras

The most important being that YOU ARE THE ARCHITECT. Unless you just want to make contact and ask advice, don’t think for a second any force can just know what you want. You have to know you own purpose, have a game plan and state it. But that is just my opinion. I once read in a grimoire “It is not the answer to the question, but how you put the question,” roughly I remember. I can’t remember from where but it is a gem and rings true.

A totally cool demon is Malphus, as he reveals the thoughts of enemies. Boy do I have a story for that one!
At another time!

Stinky feet, wash your sheets. And again may we merry meet! – Moon Marquis

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New Feature Posts – More Regular Content

Hello, fellas!

Today I am taking this Tuesday to announce that I am now writing a new series of blog content called Favorite Feature Fridays where I will be discussing some of my most favorite content providers whether via Etsy, Youtube, or anywhere else! 

I will be featuring things like cool one of a kind unique listings on Etsy from other merchants that I adore, or other witches whom create content like me, or 40 year old lawyers with beards that interview conspiracy theorists on 3 hour long podcasts. Not much else. And yes they will be regular every Friday. I hope you find these future installments rather pleasing!!