Enter Witch of Watchtower

Hello other terrestrials and not, welcome to my blog. 

>Implying I’m not an alien

>Implying you’re not ether (porpoise)(double pun intended)

That is dank OC from me, by the way.

I am an esotericist/occultist and practitioner of magick. I make a lot of dank maymays (memes) and I love to cook with demons. Yeah some demons like cooking, so what? You wanna meme about it?

I am new to writing to a wider audience other than myself and close friends, so bare with me as I’ll be experimenting by mixing in the different elements of my complex personality and sharing my stories with you that made me the complex being I am today. I will most likely be writing on occult based things, but not so much in the instruction manual way, but more personal type of experiences with different gods, goddesses and beings in hopes that someone with the same kind of experiences won’t feel so alone. 🙂 Because that is what the arts are for anyways! 

I mean think about it, every feeling you’ve ever had or situation you’ve ever been through has probably been expressed through some sort of artistic medium whether song, poem, painting or meme, it’s fudging universal. >Insert Fudge

Basically what I’m trying to say is, I hope this information and these experiences help someone, intellectually or not. >Insert Potato

Here is a personal painting of one of my Patrons:

I tried to capture him on Pokemon Go and he got mad at me and wouldn’t help me find my headphones. Just kidding, he probably got jealous from me trying to do spell work with someone else. Anyways, I don’t know why but he was angry with me for sometime and wouldn’t help me/warm up to me until today. I’ve been so busy, I don’t know what I did. But after he yielded and helped me, I made him the offering he wanted (pancakes) and he finally warmed up to me a bit.

This is King Paimon of The ineffable Goetia. I hear from others that he loves wine but being that I am an empath with spirits for some reason, I also know he loves deep, dark & rich berry juices like pomegrante, cherry, grape, cranberry, and any dark mixture of the juices. I recommend actual fruit juice and not colored water pumped up with sugar. Get this one some Ocean Spray or even Welch’s Sparkling. I’ve seen him go bananas over some pomegranate/cherry mixed. 

He is also a creative type which is why we get along and he likes to be in charge in the kitchen. For some reason he likes to help me cook and enjoyed the team effort of co-creating his offering today. (I make a lot of things from scratch) We also collaborated on his painting you see here, he was directing me on mixing colors and decided to make his base blue and also yellow. At first I was vexed but then abided, he wanted to make his color scheme even weirder but I toned it down a notch, same with making his pancakes today. He wanted me to add mustard cause he wanted them sour and salty, I was like no. So I added salt and he directed me to add honey, cinnamon, and a few pinches of cayenne. So I guess he would be good for hands-on and crafty creative endeavors. 

His sweet, intelligent, and commanding persona is not to be underestimated. He was not at all what I expected. It seems to me that unless you have something he wants, he won’t work with you unless you have something to offer. And if you want to build a relationship, you’re going to have to learn to flow with his directions when he’s wanting to co-create through you.

Perhaps not everything has to be about business.