New Feature Posts – More Regular Content

Hello, fellas!

Today I am taking this Tuesday to announce that I am now writing a new series of blog content called Favorite Feature Fridays where I will be discussing some of my most favorite content providers whether via Etsy, Youtube, or anywhere else! 

I will be featuring things like cool one of a kind unique listings on Etsy from other merchants that I adore, or other witches whom create content like me, or 40 year old lawyers with beards that interview conspiracy theorists on 3 hour long podcasts. Not much else. And yes they will be regular every Friday. I hope you find these future installments rather pleasing!!


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Currently in the process of drying my hand dipped Sandalwood Incense! Great for meditation, healing, purification, concecration, clairvoyance, and raising vibrations. I personally can’t wait to try it for myself. Also in the process of drying Sandalwood Rose, & Rose. For custom orders it is best to order Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. I personally think my Cinnamon, Artemis, Peppermint, Andras, Blood Orange  & Sandalwood-Rose are the best. 

Happy Shopping!

– MoonMarquis

Sigil Magick

Hey Guys! Welcome to another mystical installment to my blog on Moon Marquis!

This topic seems to be everywhere and very basic if you are an occultist or seeker whether novice, dabbler, or all around magick junkie. Every one and their second cousin has a blog post or video about sigil magick.

So am I going to be using this blog space to rehash any of that information? Hell to the no! There hasn’t been one person that could say anything to make me even really understand what sigil magick was and how to use it. So to the best of my ability, I will be explaining via my own interpretation.

What is a sigil? A sigil is a ridiculous squiggly line your create in order to manifest or serve a purpose that you stare at until it leaves an imprint in your subconscious. Different people have different ways of doing this and even to this day, I am sometimes still half skeptical. But that is the thing about magick, really. It is so hard because it’s so easy. Really, the ideal magus is just a human who does not abide accordingly to the restrictions of his or her own psyche or imagination. While I would love to provide a pictured example of one of my squiggly lines I like to state longingly into, I for some reason can’t seem to find any and am too airy to really look and pay attention right now as it is 7 am and I am perked and manic with coffee. If you wanna go see cool squiggly lines, just google “sigils tumblr.”

A good example of use of sigils is demonic seals. Google “demonic seals.” Some are pretty, some are ugly, and I swear some of them looks like a raunchy adult toy and another looks like a set of furry testicles. I will definitely have a blog on that later. (Please remind me.) And no, the raunchy ones aren’t in the goetia, but another grimoire, though I can’t remember which but I vaguely remember one of the names so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

A thing about sigil magick that gets me is that it is literal mental masturbation. Having to get in a trance or heightened state, petting your brain pussy just right in order to penetrate your fucking subconscious. I think most people over simplify sigil magick and there needs to be some sort of structured ceremony to make the process a bit more smoother. Remind me to create such a ritual. In the name of Satan, I command you!

But could you imagine the creation of such a ritual, and using it as an easy already curated experiment every moon cycle or so? I’d sure like to see other’s results. Since I usually get fast results, I’d do it every two weeks.

Well, my friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s mental scribbles.

Jesus Cuts Cocaine With Birth Control! – Moon Marquis

New and Renewed Feelings for Satanism

Hi, I am the Shop owner of a little-known business but great ratings, Moon Marquis.

Ever since I was young, I never knew quite where I fit in. Religiously or career wise. I was always a jill of many arts and interests, master of none. Not that I wanted to really fit in anyways, I just always knew I needed at least one niche or thing I was really good at, or core structure of belief. For me, it has always been difficult as I flipped flopped from nihilism to mysticism. From ceremonial magick to hoodoo, to just plain doing magick for satirical purposes. I would study magick for the fun of it while having little or no belief, in hopes that I could do something with what I’ve learned. But without actually putting myself out there for the small world of the seekers to see, I bare little fruit.

So what does this have to do with Satanism? I find myself in the current of Satanism again. And aside from demonolatry, I really don’t study Satanism at all. Satanism is more like a state of being for me, and not a particularly negative one. Even though to me, Satan is as real as Santa Claus or the Boogie Man, I truly do treat that archetype as an infinite source of hidden power and knowledge. Like a dark version of universal “source” itself. And this has nothing to do with an over-romanticizing of “the devil,” though my love for this being has rekindled. For me, using the name “Satan” is just using that figure as a gatekeeper to open the door to draw in from that dark universal source for personal power. As coo-coo as that sounds.

So aside from that, what does the symbol Satan or S.A.T.A.N mean to me?

S= Self Mastery, Self Study, Saturnic Sphere of Influence, Sacrifice, Strength, Source Energy
A= Arts, Animal Totems, Anthropology, Articulation
T= Time discipline, Terrible for justified means
A= Aether, Answers via divination, Air travel
N= Nether or The Void, No masters above

You can do pretty much anything you want to the anagram to fit your personal needs. But honestly, Satan is not only a source of universal divine wisdom but of Freedom and Self Mastery. He is like me of the past, present, and future. A perfect yet very flawed creature on the path of self knowledge and self awakening. He reminds me of the mortal self and it’s connection to darkness. That deep primordial darkness we feed from, yet fear, and or long for. Like a hidden part of ourselves we keep looking for. Never to find it truly until we remember what it is.

And finally, Satan to me is a symbol of the beginning, middle, and end. Like a serpent biting it’s own tail. In my belief system, I AM Satan, but I am also not, and never will be. I have never been Satan, yet Satan has always been a part of me that I would seek, forget about, and seek again. I just remembered recently how much this egregore meant to me. How? I don’t know. Maybe because of my recent need to draw on and call upon some extra inner strength and personal power. Being that Satan was created before I was born, though to me he is made up, I feel as though he has always been there. Yet I can mold him to what I need. If the spirit is willing, that is.

-Moon Marquis

Moon Marquis – New Way of Posting – Announcement

Hello to my two followers and my future 20 followers,

Today’s announcement is going to be about my new way of doing things on Moon Marquis.

Before and when I first started this blog, I did so very half assed and lazy. Well now is time for a big change!

A little background on me and why I’m going to make changes in the now & future:
I was always that very nerdy person people would ask for help but I could never really count on myself. I never dared challenging myself. For when I did, I did get praise, but for what? I never cared for popularity or acknowledgement. I have always been my own source of divine intelligence, entertainment, and inspiration. Me share my gifts for glee of others? No way.

I’d usually rather stick to very dry humor and painfully vague references. But here I am, going to put my whole ass into this blog and do my best. From now on, there shall be a post every Sunday and every Thursday. My announcements are on Tuesdays, but they won’t be every week. On Sundays will be teaching posts, as Sunday is ruled by the Sun and the Sun rules over illumination. On Thursdays will be pretty much anything personally mystical or rants of showing off my products and what not. But there will most likely be lessons in Thursdays here and there as well. Though I may start as crawl with simplicity in subject matter with my writing, I’m sure the secret knowledge I have will flow out into the right spots.

I also plan on having posts at least 300 words. That is if they are not announcements or advertisements for Moon Marquis products. Also, please forgive some of my mistakes in wording and placement, I have not put all my efforts into something in a long time but will for sure get better with some time, dedication, and practice.

Currently I already have some future blog posts in the works that are set to be released at the Days I’ve stated above for the next four weeks. So I will be working hard to keep a steady flow of content going.

I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors. With Love – Moon Marquis

Planetary Magick And Its Importance

Welcome to my blog!

I only have an hour to meet this post’s deadline as I will be posting every Sunday and Thursday at 7 a.m from now on and I totally forgot to write today’s as I was busy writing future ones! Nice.

Anyways, today’s mini lesson is on planetary magick. When it comes to my atheistic or nihilistic magick, I like to work with planetary influences as there is no real need to conjure up any deities. It’s my way of doing magick with an incorporeal middle man. I mean, unless you count a sphere of influence as a middle man.

Planetary magick is pretty easy, all you need are a couple of table of correspondences, and to try to memorize what the different planetarian​ spheres rule over. Here is an example that skims the surface of what each planetary means to me:

The Sun: Sunday, Fire, Light, Illumination, The Lion, Success, Inspiration, Healing, Love, Protection, Enlightenment
The Moon: Monday, Water, Darkness, Reflection, The Wren, Intuition, Cycles, Womanhood, Divination, Menstruation, Fertility, The Shadow
Mars: Tuesday, Fire, Warrior Archetype, Creativity, Victory over enemies, Iron, Blood, Masculinity, Motivation, Protection
Mercury: Wednesday, Hermes, Air, Travel, Merchant, Gemini, Magician, Intellect, New beginnings, Luck
Jupiter: Thursday, Travel, Thor, Charity, Expansion, Wealth, Higher Knowledge, Philosophy, Humanitarianism, Justice, Law
Venus: Friday, Love, Luck, Poetry, Lucifer, Music, Joy, Bliss, Having Fun, Romance, Sex
Saturn: Saturday, Chronus, Satan, Dark Justice, Karma, Ancestral Magick, Responsibility, Inner Strength, Death & Rebirth, Protection, Curses

I think that all these influences are capable of illumination and teaching enlightenment in some way.
To enlighten someone in the laws of karma, or the benefits of charity, or law. A good way in working with these forces directly aside from study is the use of herbs and resins.

Sun: Cinnamon, Frankincense
Moon: Myrrh, Gardenia
Mars: Allspice, Cayenne, Coffee
Mercury: dill, carraway?
Jupiter: Clove
Venus: Rose
Saturn: Cypress

Of course if you are interested in the other planets, you can research them yourself. But these are the basic that I work with. My personal demonic ally correspondences:

Sun: Beelzebub, Paimon
Moon: Andras
Mars: Andras
Mercury: Thoth
Jupiter: ? (None so far)
Venus: Lucifer, Asmoday
Saturn: Azazel, Satan (Dark Source)

Also, I consider Dark Source to be both male and female. Who says Satan can’t also be a woman?
And I choose Asmoday for Venus because he can have a hand in romance, not just lust. Though he is very dangerous. But that is a blog post for another day!

I hope this mild bit of information has inspired you. Take care! – Moon Marquis

Enter MoonMarquis! My Occult Shop on Etsy! 25% off Coupon Code

Hello my two or three followers. In case you were wondering where I’ve been, perhaps you may not remember following me at all, but I’ve been having fun working on my Etsy shop and traveling. 

Well, I am about to go on a one week vacation again. Here is a 25% coupon valid from now through the weekend. I HIGHLY recommend Artemis and Andras. Andras Incense smells amazing and Artemis oil is amazing too.

I burned one of each at the ritual chamber last night for an evocation. What a heavenly smell. 

Andras: Patchouli, Dragon’s Blood, Sandalwood 

Artemis: Myrrh, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine, Pine

If there are any requests, please let me know before Sunday, as that is when I will set it to vacation mode. 

Love & Peace ~MoonMarquis

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Andras Goetia Invocation, Incense, & Info

An invocation/poem channeled and written by me: 

I have been working with Andras for months, and Goetia for years. I’ve had a rough type of infernal, but more like Saturnian initiation about four/five years ago. So maybe that’s why he may favor me. For those who do not know, he is a demon from the lesser key who does discord and is known to kill the magician and his fellows. 

But remember, in all spirituality, though some things written in Spiritual text can be literal physical manifestations, a lot is metaphor for an internal Spiritual alchemy to occur.  

Now I’m not saying that he can not literally kill an enemy, any spirit of power can accomplish that. But I feel he is worth so much more than that, and as he has told me. He can do much more than that.  

Handcrafted Andras Goetia Incense & Oil: Link HERE

How to Build a Relationship with Goetia 

I have been working on and off with Goetia for about four years now. Yet what I know about them barely even scratches the surface. They are truly great teachers and allies to have, even if they a apathetic about you. I have a few who don’t like me, many who don’t care and very few who favor me. And even those who bring me great things and make no messes are silent. 

So how do you form or build a relationship other than giving sacrifices and offerings? The best place to start is with patience. I have finally found one that is more easy to connect to. He likes me and I like him genuinely. I like making him art and he likes helping me with my business, without even asking. So how do you go about strengthening a very thin bond with an invisible creature?

I asked him myself. All he wanted was for me to have imagery of him, which is very easy. He is an owl headed form. I buy owl things and people are led to buy me owl things. I fantasize about things that I want and friends and family gift them to me.

I honor through imagery and everything else seems to fall into place. 

Nobody gives a shit about Goetia

What attracts you to Goetia? Is it the edginess of working with Goetia? Is it the attraction to that which is taboo? Are you wanting your life to be tossed and stirred? 

I have no real experience, just the intent in one. I really find no difference to any other “supernatural force”. Just they just imaginary. Aspects of yourself projected on an invisible form you pretend to speak with, but what you receive back are the whispers of your unconscious mind.

There is no point in remaining with a religious and dogmatic view on the supernatural. It really is all just programming your brain. The real magick is in that which your brain can allow you to achieve.